What Are the Most Important SEO Factors?

Nick Arthur

What Are the Most Important SEO Factors?

Serch engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is a crucial part of online marketing. It has an impact on how our website is viewed and how much traffic we receive. While proper SEO guidelines may seem cut and dry, they can actually be complex. It can be overwhelming to try to perfect a website, especially if you are looking at a lot of code.

If you want to start reaping the benefits of having an SEO-friendly website, here are two important areas for you to focus on:

Title Tags and Meta Data

Meta data is small descriptions used by search engines to categorize and display results. For most websites, this consists of a title tag and meta description. Meta keywords are now obsolete. These tags can be written in HTML, but many webmasters use plugins instead.

Check to make sure tags and data are on every web page you produce and they are unique to that page. Select a few keywords and write an enticing description and title using those keywords.

Remember, these will be read by real people!

Tip: Search Google for one of your keywords and look at the ads that appear. Which one would you most likely click on? Take inspiration (don’t plagiarise) from the ad copy and use that for your Title and Meta description.

Inbound Links

Advanced search engine algorithms don’t just take keyword counts into consideration when choosing how to display websites. They want to display credible, interesting results to their visitors.

One way to show the search engines your site is important is to get other sites to link to yours.

These can be blogs, editorial features, review sites, and social media posts. Create great content on your website and others will want to link to you.

Increase the number of people quality websites linking to you and your search engine ranking will improve!

Search engine optimisation can be very complex, but it is a necessary component in modern marketing.

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