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Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

SEO Scotland

If you’re competitors are outranking you in the search engines and you want to compete – you need the help of the #1 SEO company in Perth, Scotland. Our SEO services will ensure you receive a steady flow of targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Our Local SEO packages will help you dominate Google Maps listings for location based search terms, such as “Dundee Architects”, Edinburgh Tax Accountants”, or “Perth Marketing Companies”.

If you want to target a larger market then we have proven solutions for getting you on page 1 of Google for more generic, revenue generating searches.

Worldwide, we conduct 131 billion searches per month on the web. (Comscore, January 2010)

How To Hire an SEO

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of ensuring your website appears as high up the search engine results as possible when your potential customers are searching online for the goods and services you provide.

Unfortunately, many SEO practices have recently drawn penalties (and in some cases caused businesses to be blacklisted by the search engines), as Google has made efforts to crack down on the tricks and backdoor techniques many SEO firms have employed to game the system.

As the dust has settled, a few simple truths have emerged about what it takes to play nice with Google. There simply are no “magic bullets” — no secret formulas or back room tactics to miraculously leap to the top spot in search engine results.

It turns out, Google is looking for exactly what your customers are looking for from your business — Useful, relevant content that engages your readership and drives prospects through your sales funnel directly into your revenue stream.

The statistics bear out some pretty stark truths. Over 85% of all action that results from search activity takes place from the first page of Google results…And an overwhelming percentage of that action occurs in the first 4 results at the top of the page. Your prospects – your future customers — are using search to take direct buying action, and if you aren’t getting noticed…You aren’t getting sales!

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. (, October 2010)

Local SEO Services Scotland

If you’re a local based business, one tremendous advantage you have in the search engine game is the emergence of local search technologies.

Google continues to upgrade their Google Maps service – Google My Business, making it easier (and more critical) than ever for local businesses to optimise their company for local search results.

Google assesses your company’s relevance in local search results, based on the local keywords, popularity and relevance, and the authority your site displays.

Additionally, the growing utilisation of smartphone, mobile, and GPS enabled search options are creating more and more opportunities for local businesses to integrate local search into their online marketing strategies.

Local search results always appear “above the fold” — meaning that your small business, when properly optimised, will appear above organic search results.

And they include important information your customers need to further the buying process — directory listings, contact information, maps and reviews that are essential to a properly optimised local business listing.


What happens when we part ways?2017-09-19T20:23:00+00:00

We will wish you well, cry a little, and give you access to any profiles or content we have created on your behalf.

Do You Guarantee Results?2017-09-19T20:22:28+00:00

We guarantee improvement in line with the KPI’s agreed on at the outset of any project or campaign. We do not guarantee #1 positions in Google. We can only influence Google’s algorithm using tried and tested strategies.
Any agency promising this or claiming a special relationship with Google should be avoided.

How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?2017-09-19T20:21:55+00:00

We agree a set of key performance indicators (KPI’s) with clients when we start working with them. These can be increases in website traffic to important pages, increased conversions, improved average rankings, etc.

Can I do SEO myself?2017-09-19T20:21:08+00:00

Yes, the web is awash with information on how to “do” SEO. However, much of this information can be out of date, designed to sell you something or just wrong and dangerous. We recommend learning from experts such as Rand Fishkin, Neal Patel, Bruce Clay and Brian Dean, if that’s what you want to do.

Why Should I Continue SEO Once I’ve Achieved Good Rankings?2017-09-19T20:20:14+00:00

SEO is an on going process. Over time, your rankings will start to drop if you aren’t building links and adding fresh content to your website. It is also highly likely that your competitors will start using SEO strategies to overtake you, if they are not already doing so.

What Is Local SEO?2017-09-19T20:19:43+00:00

Local SEO refers to strategies aimed at improving your search engine presence for searches with a local intent. For example, if you are an Edinburgh based Lawyer, you would want to show up well when someone searches for “Edinburgh Lawyers”.
Local SEO strategies include, but are not limited to; business listing set up and optimisation (Google my Business, Yelp, Yell, etc), acquiring online reviews, geo-tagging content, and local social media marketing.

Is Link Building Dangerous?2017-09-19T20:19:13+00:00

Only if you use unethical methods. Google expects quality websites to have links and rewards those that acquire them.

What SEO strategies do you use and are they compliant with Google’s terms and conditions?2017-09-19T20:18:40+00:00

Everything we do is compliant with Google’s terms and conditions. We audit your website to ensure the structure is easy for Google bots to crawl and understand. We audit your website content to ensure it’s relevant, comprehensive and worthy of other sites linking to it as a resource. If you lack quality content, we will create it for you.
Once your website is optimised we will begin acquiring inbound links from other sites using “white hat” safe methods. These include guest posts, sponsored posts, broken link building, and other methods we will share when you sign up as a client.

How Do You Know How to Rank If Google Doesn’t Publish Its Algorithm?2017-09-19T20:18:01+00:00

We know from nearly 10 years of helping clients rank in Google and research done in the industry by other SEO experts. Google has confirmed that high quality content on your website and inbound links from authority sites are 2 of the most important ranking factors. These 2 factors are the cornerstone of our SEO strategies.

How Much Does SEO Cost?2017-09-19T20:15:10+00:00

Our SEO pricing is based on a number of factors such as:

  • The current state of your SEO,
  • The gap between you and your competitors,
  • The industry you are in,
  • The location of your business,
  • Your business and marketing goals,
  • Whether we like you or not

Our hourly rate is £62.50 and our daily rate is £450. SEO projects and campaigns range from £149 to £5000.

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At Positive Internet Marketing, we provide local and organic SEO as a part of every essential online marketing strategy. It’s a cornerstone to the success of any local small business marketing campaign, and the driving force behind our Search Engine Optimisation Services.

We optimise your local business not only by making sure your customers (and Google) can easily find the information they’re looking for, but by optimising your site for the local keywords that drive search results, cleaning up your company’s local directory listings and references, and making sure your site is offering relevant, current content.

Who is at the top of local search results for your local keywords? If it’s not your business, then odds are, it’s your competitor’s.
From our base in Perth, Scotland we manage clients in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and throughout Scotland and the UK.

Contact Positive Internet Marketing Ltd today for a free 30 minute consultation on how we can boost your business with our Search Engine Optimisation Services and begin driving qualified local leads directly to your doorstep. We have the tools and experience to put you on top.