Google Adwords Management

Google AdWords – In the right hands, it’s the stuff of bottom-line boosting, money filled marketing dreams.

Do it right, and you can expect to receive £2 for every £1 spent (Google) – and if you’re not achieving this impressive ROI, then we should talk.
Here’s what we do, how we do it, and why we achieve remarkable results.

Google AdWords, done right.
Firm foundations to build upon

AdWords is powerful, exactly because the platform provides so many options, settings and tools. For anyone less than an expert however, this complexity can be a real pitfall.

Based on solid keyword research and a firm grasp of your target market, we’ll set up, optimise and manage your campaign – it’s a process of continual evolvement – always improving the results we secure.

Search Ads

Impressive results. Quickly (in the form of tangible pounds, profit margins and sales)

Search Ads drive a flurry of digital footfall directly to your online door – it’s fast, efficient and incredibly precise when it comes to targeting the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

But in order to be effective, your search ads must be compelling, targeted to the right people and part of an overall strategy that guides your target market from that first search, over to your website, and onto purchase or enquiry.

Which is exactly where we step in.

We look far beyond only the adverts to see the complete picture – consulting you on whether your landing pages are powerfully on point (or simply a waste of your search budget). We’ll also discover new opportunities that will help you in leap frogging your competitors.

Google Adwords Remarketing

Haven’t we been here before?

Ever visited a website and then gone about your online life, only to see an ad appear elsewhere for the same company? Such as shopping on Amazon, moving on to another website, to then be reminded as to just how much you wanted that book, coffee maker or bike?

This is remarketing in action – and when it’s done well it can act as that irresistible reminder that you really, really want that product or service.
Remarketing audiences are warm – with compelling copy, a crafted strategy and a difficult to resist CTA, we’ll draw your audience back in.

So, how do we do, exactly what we do?

You and your business are unique – adopting a one size fits all blanket strategy simply isn’t going to cut the mustard. Think of us as your AdWord consultants – builders of a bespoke strategy that’s crafted around your audience and the way they work online.

Whether you’re ready and raring to go, or need more information about who we are, what we do and exactly what we may be able to achieve for you, simply get in touch.

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Already up and running? Our FREE AdWords Audit will discover whether you’re in fully fledged sprint mode – or lagging behind the competitor pack when it comes to crossing the finishing line, where your target market awaits.

We’ll check your keyword strategy, your ad copy, your campaign settings and your marketing structure. Think of it as an invaluable FREEBIE for identifying opportunities to improve performance, save money and boost that all-important AdWord ROI.

(And yes, it’s completely and utterly free – no hidden fees, sneaky charges or obligation to buy anything at all).