nick-arthur-digital-marketing-specialistMy name is Nick Arthur, and I’m the owner of Positive Internet Marketing Ltd, an online marketing agency specialising in generating traffic, leads, and sales for my business clients.

As a Certified Marketing Professional, I’ve spent the past 10 years dedicated to growing the business of my clients — not through expensive and risky marketing strategies that fail to deliver, but by developing client-consumer relationships that build trust and credibility.

The results are powerful and measurable, with a greater return on investment than any other online marketing tactics in practice today.

With surging trends in social mediamobility, and local search, modern consumers are more sophisticated than ever. Today’s small business marketing strategies must go directly to where consumers are spending their time online, and become an active influence in their buying decisions.

At Positive Internet Marketing, we specialise in proven and effective methods to reach out to consumers and draw them into the buying process. We build relationships that position our clients as trusted advisors, with compelling content and offers that generate more qualified leads — resulting in a higher percentage of conversions and sales.

And our results are statistically measurable — A large part of our success comes from analysing and measuring our efforts and continuously building and improving upon the results. We’ll identify the strategies that work best for your business, resulting in lower costs and higher returns than any other traditional marketing techniques.

At Positive Internet Marketing, we transform your marketing and your business, with profitablepowerful solutions that show proven results.

To put my expertise to work for you today, contact me for a free assessment of your small business marketing needs. We’ll discuss your specific needs and propose a targeted marketing solution that will put the power of the internet to work for your business today.

Nick Arthur,
Positive Internet Marketing Ltd.

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