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Transform Your Service-Based Business into a Local Lead Generator!


Claim Your Spot in the Local Market with our Local Advantage Marketing Service

Fed up seeing your competitors above you in Google search results?

Frustrated with competitor ads popping up everywhere?

Wondering how your competition always seem one step ahead online?

Every click they get – is a customer YOU lose.

Every top search result they own is a missed opportunity for you.

It’s not just frustrating; it’s costing you business every day.

It’s time to turn the tables with Local Advantage.

Plumbers to Painters, Architects to Accountants, Lawyers to Locksmiths….

if you provide a service in a specific location – this is for YOU!

Mastering the Digital Arena with Local Advantage: Your Strategic Edge for Local Success

In the Fast-Paced Digital World, Your Local Business Deserves More Than Traditional Marketing

Traditional methods are no longer enough.

Your business needs a strategy that not only matches but surpasses your competitors.

Our “Local Advantage” service is your key to gaining the upper hand and securing your spot at the forefront of customer attention.

We Confront Your Marketing Challenges with Confidence

Witness your business climb above competitors in Google searches with “Local Advantage.”

See the transformation as your business outperforms the competition, drawing the spotlight to your services.

Stay ahead in the digital marketing game effortlessly with our expert strategies tailored for your success.

Witness your business climb above competitors in Google searches

Local Advantage: Where Your Business Becomes a Local Sensation

Local Advantage focuses on what truly matters to service-based businesses: driving phone calls, enquiries, and boosting your business. Through Top-Tier Local SEO and targeted Google & Facebook Ads, we ensure your business stands out in your community.

Our reputation management solidifies trust, turning every interaction into a business opportunity.

It’s not just marketing; it’s about growing your customer base and elevating your local presence.

Key Features


We don’t just boost your local search rankings; we launch you to the top. When customers search, they find you first and choose you first. It’s not just visibility; it’s dominance!

Precision-Targeted Ads

Forget guessing where your customers are. We zero in on them with laser-focused Google & Facebook Ads. Your brand doesn’t just show up; it stands out.

Reputation Tracking

Every customer touchpoint is a chance to shine. We transform these moments into a stellar reputation. It’s not just managing feedback; it’s crafting a legacy of trust and quality.

content that captivates

You’re more than a service; you’re a story. We craft content that connects deeply with your community. It’s not just words and images; it’s an influence. We elevate your narrative, making you the talk of the town.

social media powerhouse

We take your social media from the sidelines to the frontline. It’s not just posting; it’s engaging. We create a buzz, a following, a loyal community that’s all about your brand.

Stress-Free Marketing, Maximum Impact with Local Advantage

“Local Advantage” is more than a service – it’s a partnership.

We manage all aspects of your marketing, from strategy to execution, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Leave the complexities of digital marketing to us and watch as your local market presence flourishes.

Step into the Limelight: Your Local Business Revolution Begins Here

Client Testimonials

“Positive Internet Marketing are extremely knowledgeable but also are able to provide guidance to achieve the best results for ourselves. We have used their SEO skills for our own brands and outsourced some client work. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Positive Internet Marketing have been really beneficial in the 6 months they have been working on our behalf, we have worked with quite a few characters and agencies in the SEO market and it’s good to be utilising the skills of someone who actually delivers without over charging. Great advice and focus from day one.”

“I would highly recommend Nick Arthur and Positive Internet Marketing. Their knowledge and expertise in SEO is extensive. They are professional, approachable and very helpful and have delivered consistent results for my business.”

“Nick agreed to audit my website and reformat my Google ads. Almost instantly this transformed things, I was page one on Google searches and enquiries started to come in. Since then, Nick has kept a watchful eye on the adverts and communicated with Google on my behalf. Every year my business has grown, which is very rewarding. I would thoroughly recommend Positive Internet Marketing Ltd. if you want to increase your profile online.”

FAQ about the Local Advantage Marketing Service

What exactly is the Local Advantage Marketing Service?

The Local Advantage Marketing Service is a comprehensive digital marketing solution focused on quickly enhancing your local business’s online presence. It includes local SEO, paid ads, reputation management, content marketing, and social media strategies, tailored to elevate your visibility and engagement within your specific geographical area.

How does local SEO differ from regular SEO?

While regular SEO targets a broad audience, local SEO is specifically designed to attract customers in your immediate geographical area. It’s about making your business more visible in local search results, which is crucial for businesses that rely on local clientele.

Can I customise the services included in the package?

Absolutely. We understand each business has unique needs. Our package is flexible and can be customised to align with your specific business goals and challenges.

What kind of results can I expect and in what timeframe?

Results can vary depending on your investment and how we customise your package. Typically you’ll see an improvement in call rates, local search rankings, increased website traffic, and higher engagement within a few months. We aim for steady, sustainable growth BUT sometimes it can happen in a few days!

How are the results measured and reported?

We use advanced analytics tools to track progress. You’ll receive regular, detailed reports outlining key metrics like search rankings, website traffic, and conversion rates.

Is there ongoing support and consultation included?

Yes, we provide continuous support and consultation. Our team is always available to answer your questions, offer insights, and make strategic adjustments as needed.

How does the pricing work? Is it a one-time fee or a monthly retainer?

Our pricing is based on a monthly retainer model, which ensures ongoing service and support. The retainer fee depends on the customisations and specific services included in your package. We offer a range of payment options to fit your budget.

What makes your agency different from others offering similar services?

Our unique approach combines the latest in digital marketing strategies with a deep understanding of local business dynamics. We’re not just about driving traffic; we’re about driving the right traffic that leads to real business growth.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Just hit the big green button below to set up a discovery call so we can find out about your business and how best to customise this service to drive leads and customers to your business!