Digital Marketing Pricing

Digital marketing pricing for SEO, PPC Management and Digital Marketing Consulting services.

What you can expect to pay for these services.

SEO Pricing

Our SEO pricing is based on a number of factors such as:

  • The current state of your SEO,
  • The gap between you and your competitors,
  • The industry you are in,
  • The location of your business,
  • Your business and marketing goals,
  • Whether we like you or not

SEO agency projects and campaigns range from £149 to £5000+ per month.

Our SEO process always begins with an SEO audit. This can range from £350* – £5000* depending on the size of your website. Once this has been completed we can then determine the level of on-going work required and price this accordingly.

We also offer a la carte SEO services such as one-off citation reports for Local SEO, SEO audits, content brainstorming and creation.

We do not require our clients to sign up to a long term contract but we do require 28 days notice of cancellation of monthly campaigns.

Visit our SEO page for more information including common questions and answers about SEO

Digital Marketing Consulting Pricing

Our hourly rate for consulting is £62.50* and our daily rate is £450*.

Google Adwords Pricing

Our Adwords management service pricing starts at £150* for a basic campaign set then from £150* per month for management. A basic campaign includes;

  • £75 Adwords credit voucher
  • Account creation and campaign set up
  • Keyword research
  • Up to 5 Campaigns
  • Ads per Ad group for split testing
  • Advanced features such as Call Extensions, Slitelinks, Locations, Geo Targeting and more..
  • Link Adwords to Analytics

Please note the FREE £75 Adwords voucher is only applicable if I set up your account or it is less than 14 days old. UK only accounts

*All pricing subject to 20% VAT

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