8 Awesome Tools For Blogger Outreach


Every online business is looking to gain exposure for their brand and website.

SEO and social media can build long-term success, but it takes time to build a reputation.

As a complimentary strategy, blogger outreach can be used to quickly build your reputation, getting your business in front of targeted audiences.

Bloggers and influencers won’t risk their reputation for anyone, though, so you need to be providing relevant and quality products or content.

The biggest initial challenge is finding the best prospects to reach out to. The following tools all make outreach far simpler, letting you spend more time building relationships for the future.


ContactOut is a simple browser extension that helps you find email addresses and phone numbers of anyone on LinkedIn. Finding the right person to is the one of the key steps in the outreach process. ContactOut finds emails from 75% of Linkedin users (2x better than the next closest competitor) at a 97% accuracy rate.


GroupHigh has a blog search engine which analyzes the pertinent data you require before contacting influencers. With a list of contacts, the tool lets you organize and track responses.

Inky Bee

Inky Bee monitors mentions of your brand or target keywords, so you can act quickly on potential linking opportunities. You can also integrate the tool with Google Analytics, providing traffic data for yourself and any clients you work with.

Authority Spy

Authority Spy searches across multiple platforms, including prominent social and blogging sites. The tool then studies the relevant sites to provide a list of the best opportunities for outreach.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is suitable for individuals or large agencies, allowing you to contact users for social, guest blogging, or podcast opportunities. The tool is operated through a dashboard, with pro levels letting you automate searches and messaging.

Guest Post Tracker

Guest Post Tracker have over 1000 blogs within their network, but they differ from private blog networks that are usually operated by one owner for SEO purposes. Guest Post Tracker have found individual blog owners looking for quality content, with sites segmented into relevant categories.


Outreachr is a simple tool to use but quickly provides thorough results. Users input a number of niche keywords, Outreachr then returns a list of relevant contacts, and you can then contact then within the tool.

Content Marketer can be purchased as an all-in-one solution, but you can also choose individual elements depending on your needs. The Connector function lets you run outreach email campaigns, with automation, scheduling, and templates all included. The Notifier option will scan your content for names mentioned, before contacting these people via social media.

You won’t require all of these tools to perform blogger outreach to a successful level.

Each tool does offer something different, though, with varying results being returned for each industry.

As with most online promotion strategies, tools are only there to assist you, but you still need to work on developing relationships and making your offer enticing. In most cases, though, you won’t be able to uncover the very best influencers manually, so using software will simplify processes and radically increase your efficiency.

What tools are you using that aren’t on the list?