Why Design Matters For Your Business Website

Nick Arthur

Why Design Matters For Your Business Website

Most small business owners know they should have a website. Unfortunately, they may think they need a website just because everyone else has one.

Well, that’s not exactly a solid internet marketing strategy. If you don’t know the objectives of your business website, then it’s time to think more about your customers or clients and less about yourself.

You’ll often hear internet consultants and web designers discussing the importance of adding value. What does this mean, if anything?

Adding value means providing useful information or services to people. Instead of just thinking about getting their money, you should also think about what benefit they are getting from your product or service.

Take Amazon for example. Their website design is clearly aimed at selling products. However, it’s also a good experience for the user. Products are grouped into categories, everything is easy to find, there are reviews and discounts on some products.

The creators of the Amazon website obviously took great care to create a good user experience.

Your business may not be as huge as Amazon, but you can follow their example.

Consider the following examples:

– Do you own a restaurant? A restaurant should always have an online menu. Many people search online for local restaurants and ratings. This is especially true of people who travel a lot.

Visitors to your website will appreciate seeing your menu online, plus a list of locations and phone numbers. You will get more diners than the restaurant without an online menu or website.

– Do you repair watches? A watch repair shop website should have a list of services and prices. The address and phone number should also be easy to find.

Once again, you’d be surprised at the number of small businesses that aren’t online. And those who are often missing the mark with their website design.

Thanks to internet marketing, small businesses can now compete on a major scale. You never know who will visit your website. It could be a tourist from China or someone local, desperate to have an old antique watch repaired.

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