Wordpress Web Designer PerthThe rules of website design, function, and useability have evolved significantly over the past few years. And while trends come and go, one thing has remained constant: If you don’t give your visitors the information they want — in a clean and professional presentation — their visit to your site will be short-lived.

Failure is only a click away when it comes to integration of website design and marketing. In fact, the average web surfer spends less than a minute assessing a website’s potential before deciding to move on.

As conversion rates increase exponentially with the amount of time a prospect spends on your site, it’s clear that the path to online marketing success begins with a well designed, engaging website for your business.

Surprisingly, many local businesses fail to realise the impact their website can have on the success or failure of their company as a whole. While many companies invest heavily in offline expenses designed to project a professional and credible image, they neglect one of the most powerful marketing tools at their disposal.

The fact is, when online marketing holds such influence over the fortunes of small businesses, a professional website designed to meet the needs of prospects and customers, is one of the most important investments a business can make.

At Positive Internet Marketing, we understand what customers are looking for in a website and our WordPress Web Design services are built around these needs.

We’ve spent years studying, testing, and analysing the factors that create an online presence with impact. We’ve discovered the quickest way to engage prospects, and influence conversions, is a design strategically focused on a single intent: create an actionable response from your traffic.

This could be as simple as a phone call or email to your business, joining an email list, downloading a report, or (of course) generating a sale. The point is, unless all of the factors in your website design are aligned with the specific purpose of driving your prospects to action, all the traffic in the world won’t put money in your bank account.

We design websites for small businesses that generate results. Our WordPress Web Design services offer the latest optimisation techniques to assure your site is Google-friendly, and fully featured with your own business’s domain and identity.

WordPress has quickly become the worldwide standard in website and content management platforms, and we’ve found that the ease and flexibility of WordPress is ideal for hosting business websites.

WordPress also allows for a variety of themes and templates that provide your customers with easy access to the information they require to take action. And WordPress sites are optimised for content, allowing relevant updates that keep your prospects onsite…. and engaged.

When your prospects arrive at your online doorstep, what impression will they get? Will they give your site a cursory glance before clicking away (to your competition)? Or will they easily find the information they are looking for in a clean and concise format? Will they be engaged by useful information and content? Will your call to action be clearly defined and actionable?

Or will your hard-earned traffic disappear in a flash, convinced your business offers nothing of value?

Don’t let your company’s website be the weakest link in your online marketing strategy. Contact Positive Internet Marketing Ltd today for a free assessment of your current site, and our designs on making it better.