Run a Social Media contest that builds engagement, increases your following, generates leads, and most importantly …. DRIVES SALES!

Our powerful campaigns will take your Social Media Marketing to a whole new level.

Posting “Like and Share” competitions on your timeline might create a bit of buzz for your business but the ROI is very limited.

Let us build a campaign for your business that will generate REVENUE – not just buzz.

What’s included?

  • A branded, mobile optimised web page for collecting competition entries
  • A competition tab embedded in your Facebook page
  • A Facebook ad and 100 clicks to drive traffic to your contest
  • Entrant database management
  • An email list of all entrants
  • Detailed reports showing your campaign stats
  • A follow up email to all entrants with a discount voucher

Contest duration – up to 1 month

What do we need from you? Just an awesome prize. We recommend a voucher for your products and services worth at least £100.

How much?? 

Just £597!

What’s the return on investment?

Let’s say you’re a hairdresser and you get 100 entrants. You email them all after the contest with a 20% voucher.

Even if only 20 entrants use the voucher and spend £50 – that’s £1000 back!

What if ALL the entrants used the voucher!?

And you can email them all again in a couple of months with another voucher.

To get your campaign started, just complete the enquiry form and we’ll call you back…