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Has Your Business Been Impacted By Coronavirus, The Lockdown And New Working Practices?

If so, your business needs our FREE digital marketing assessment =>

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free digital marketing assessment

New ways of working call for new ways of marketing

With many staff working from home and more flexible working patterns becoming standard practice, how can you best respond to new leads? New ways of working call for new ways of marketing or at least a complete reassessment of your existing marketing methods.

That’s where we come in. We continually monitor the effectiveness of all the latest marketing trends so that we can confidently advise our clients on the best option for them. However, we are only able to effectively do this once we have reviewed their business’s digital footprint.

That simply means running through a checklist of essential marketing assets. Once completed, the business will then be primed to bounce back stronger than ever by realigning their marketing strategy based on our findings and recommendations.

We all know that getting YOUR message in front of YOUR potential customers for the lowest cost and the maximum return is key to the success of your business. So basically, it’s all about driving quality traffic to your website through various means such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video Marketing and other inbound marketing methods but…

Which one is going to be the best method for your business?

Guiding you in the right direction

Your business could significantly benefit from a FREE digital marketing assessment regardless of whether you are already implementing a marketing campaign or whether you are drawing up plans.

  • We can help you decide how best to invest your allocated marketing budget, based on current trends and the criteria we set for each business type.

  • We can advise you about the best option in terms of marketing channels. For example, PPC or Social Media, and which one is likely to bring you the best return. 

  • We can explain the benefits of retargeting your ads to ensure you get maximum exposure for your products or services online. This is a very cost-effective method of advertising.

  • We can take a look at your current marketing channels, analyse the effectiveness and recommend changes if necessary. Huge amounts of money is wasted daily by businesses who get this wrong.

  • We take a look at what your closest competitors are doing and how they are performing. Then we suggest or even create a marketing strategy that will match or exceed theirs.

  • We can uncover opportunities for your business that you might never have realised existed. Then we show you how to implement and test them for maximum results.

Book a FREE digital marketing assessment today

Who we are and what we do…

We are fully qualified marketing specialists led by Certified Inbound Marketing Professional, Nick Arthur. Our business is all about generating quality leads for our clients and right now, we recognise that these are very challenging times ahead for business.

That’s why there has never been a better time to take advantage of our FREE digital marketing assessment.

Our online marketing methods are tested and proven with measurable results. Our clients get exactly what they expect from a marketing agency that is wholly dedicated to helping them secure new business and generate more sales.

Every business needs a regular health check and right now, more than ever, it’s absolutely essential. The current situation is driving many companies to re-evaluate their marketing methods and their budgets , with rapid growth and low-risk spending in mind.

Although many companies accept that the world of business as they once knew it, will never be the same again, the question is how to bounce back? We too are witnessing this dilemma and that’s why we are offering you a FREE digital marketing assessment.

No commitment… no strings attached… and no obligation whatsoever.

Book a FREE digital marketing assessment today

Here’s what our FREE assessment includes…

  • We’ll look at your current marketing strategy to determine whether it’s right for your business now and in the future. If you don’t have one, we’ll make recommendations.

  • We’ll look over your website and check whether the content adequately represents your business offers, products or services. We’ll also run a check to determine how well your site is optimised for search engines. Many businesses fail or perform poorly with SEO.

  • We’ll ask you about your social media marketing and whether it has been successful. SEO can often be a challenging area for businesses, but is essential for online growth.

  • Are you using PPC ads on Google or Facebook? Are you targeting the right audience, getting the best value per click and are these leads converting? We can provide valuable insights.

  • Do you have a blog? This is a very powerful method of gaining and retaining customers but many businesses don’t quite understand how to get the most from this relatively new form of content marketing.

  • We’ll look at your email marketing. We can learn a great deal about your customers through their engagement with your newsletters. Can you honestly say that every email is useful to your customers? We’ll review content as well as engagement to help increase conversions.

  • Do you have analytics set up and are you using this valuable data? We can help you drill down into the numbers so you can understand what it all means and then act on the results to improve performance.

  • We’ll also look at brand consistency. From building your brand to raising the profile of your brand and ensuring your brand is delivering consistent messages that are in line with your company’s identity and core values.

Book a FREE digital marketing assessment today

We’re here to help…

Our FREE digital marketing assessment is designed for all types of small to medium size business in any industry or sector. B2B or B2C, product manufacturer or supplier, service provider, education or hospitality.

If your business needs customers or clients and you need to generate leads or sales online then simply call us today. It won’t cost a thing to find out how you can dramatically improve your conversion rates.

We can show you what really works in the world of digital marketing, especially now, in these very uncertain times. And remember! Our digital marketing assessment is completely free of charge. You have absolutely nothing to lose and possibly much to gain.

Don’t delay… Call in the experts to help guide you through the all the confusion and point you in the right direction. Digital marketing has never been so important for the survival of small business.

Book a FREE digital marketing assessment today

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