Do you have any guarantees?

In the world of social media, it’s impossible to guarantee a certain number of new followers or likes (without using unethical techniques, which we avoid completely). That being said, we do guarantee that we will act professionally and with integrity at all times. We will be honest with you about what will work and what [...]

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Why can’t we just do this ourselves?

Social media management is something many business owners run themselves, but they usually achieve very little. SMM (social media management) has become a huge industry, with hundreds, if not thousands, of tools and platforms available that each take a good amount of time to learn and keep on top of. Combine this with keeping up [...]

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How will my own staff get involved?

We can work with you to set up various logins for your staff members so they can also log in and respond to mentions, etc. It’s important that we keep in close communication about this to ensure duplicate replies are not published. We are also able to talk your staff through various social media ‘best [...]

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What if something goes wrong?

There’s no complete protection from human error, so if you notice something has gone wrong (this is very rare), let us know straight away and we will get to work on fixing it. You know your business better than anyone, so we expect to receive regular feedback from you so we can evolve the management [...]

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How can I trust another company with my social profiles?

We understand that you want to save time, but also improve your business. Yet, understanding and managing social profiles in a way that generates a positive return is something that the majority of businesses fail to do. By hiring us, you can be confident that your profiles are being managed by a company that successfully [...]

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